Marketing during and after Covid 19

There is no denying that the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 has everyone in a bit of a tailspin. People are just trying to keep their doors open (literally) now that some states have officially reopened. Here in Florida, we are slowly able to go to stores and restaurants at 25% capacity. And while it may seem like we are far from our ‘normal’ we are getting there day by day. I’ve been in the business of branding for about 15 years and I can tell you that now is NOT the time to cut your marketing, it IS time for a detailed plan of HOW to move forward in the wake of this crisis. Here are a few tips I can give you.

When things are going wrong and you feel like things are out of control (and they are) we all tend to freeze and do nothing. It makes sense… but I can assure you that doing nothing is NOT a good idea. In fact, it could be the demise of your business that you’ve worked so hard for all these years to succeed.

We don’t know how long this is going to last and how it will affect our day to day in the coming months. I do know that coming up with a new and updated marketing plan for your business will be vital. Your customers will thank you, and eventually you’ll even thank yourself. Look at this as an opportunity to generate a whole new level of your business. If you are open to change and look at the possibilities, you can really come out smelling like roses and your business will thrive.


Keep in contact with your customers and clients. Ask them how you can help them through this and by asking their opinion, they might spark a genius idea in you that can change the trajectory of your business. Keep the lines of communication open. Send out those email blasts and digital marketing campaigns to continue to sell your product or service. Just because your customers can’t see you, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to generate an income.

My friend Morgan is rather religious about getting her hair done every 4-6 weeks. I am more of a once a year kind of gal because I’m a tad lazy and my hair is low maintenance… Her stylist came up with a GENIUS plan to compile her clients needs and like a chemist create their specific color, then provide a no contact drop off and posted a YouTube tutorial on how they can apply and refresh those roots. If you are a hairstylist who is reading this… DO THIS FOR YOUR CLIENTS. If you are a service based business who relies on face to face contact, think outside the box and how you can continue to make money.


My husband is a very talented and seasoned video editor who works with some amazing clients. Unfortunately, they are all travel and tourism based and the past couple of months has been tricky for the industry. We have had many long conversations on how he can pivot and it’s worked out pretty well. He reached out to companies who have not been directly affected and he was able to secure a new client in construction. It’s because he had a plan in place on how he could market himself in ANY industry. The plan doesn’t always work out how we envisioned, but we hope for the best and as long as we are proactive… there’s a strong possibility for success.


  • Update your business plan to reflect the current state of your industry
  • Re-think your business model
  • Consider rebranding now that you have the time to make changes
  • Communicate with your clients and build the relationships
  • Look out for new opportunities
  • Up your digital game – create online campaigns
  • Collaborate with other business owners
  • Generate new ways to provide your product or service to clients
  • Be open to change – and embrace it
  • Get creative – call me

If you have any questions, or want to brainstorm on how we can help grow your business, feel free to reach out. Whether you need a new digital strategy or a website refresh. Call me or email me ANYTIME!

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