PROJECT: 12 page business proposal + Branding Package

CLIENT CHALLENGE: Jaca’s Barber + Shop was looking to open another brick and mortar and the possibility of franchising in the future but didn’t have the tools to showcase and sell their brand to potential franchisees

SOLUTION: Our client came to us for yet another project (we worked together on their entire branding package from scratch)  to put together an extensive proposal to showcase a professional look utilizing infographics, smart typography, and imagery.

OUTCOME: Not only did they SECURE their additional location, they now have a tool for franchising, distributing their line of products and branded apparel. This was a vital tool for success within the company. Check them out at













PROJECT: Social Media + Sales Collateral + Stationery

CLIENT CHALLENGE: Creating a new look for the Palmetto Club’s sales staff was a top priority after they were under new management.

SOLUTION: We figured out what makes the venue special and how to display that through their visuals.

OUTCOME: Freshening up the established brand and all new sales booklets gave The Palmetto Club new opportunities for booking events through sales and trade shows.













PROJECT: New Program Initiative in the Florida Market

CLIENT CHALLENGE: In an attempt to capture new business in the Orlando + Tampa areas, a new program was needed to provide an incentive for summer weddings and events.

SOLUTION: We really went for the whole enchilada on this one from start to finish! Name concepts, Logo + Branding Design, Social Media Marketing, and print advertising strategies were implemented.

OUTCOME: Talk about a home run! We had limited time to roll out this entire campaign but the deadlines and copious amounts of work paid off in a BIG way. Event bookings and inquiries have increased and the whole campaign is creating a lot of business for participating vendors.








PROJECT: Logo Creation + Branding

CLIENT CHALLENGE: Raining Roses is a intensely creative event floral business who was looking for a new brand but wanted to keep some of it’s existing elements that made it special.

SOLUTION: We had to find the right balance through colors and patterns.  To ensure brand recognition, we kept some of the hand written elements from their existing logo, while mixing modern accents with a new iconic look.

OUTCOME: The owner Jesus was so pleased with his new logo we have worked on several projects since including stationery + marketing materials. The response has been overwhelmingly positive in bringing their new look for modern events + weddings. You can view their breathtaking creations here










PROJECT: Website Design

CLIENT CHALLENGE: Having their old website was not working functionally or aesthetically for Giordano Construction. They weren’t able to connect with their potential customers the way they wanted to in showcasing their work and making it easy to get a quote.

SOLUTION: Providing a clean, fresh, and stylish website was in order. We streamlined their portfolio, gave them a needed updated modernized look, and made it EASY for clients to contact them. We utilized a wordpress theme and customized it to their needs.

OUTCOME: was a hit! Within 48 hours they were already getting requests for quotes on their upcoming projects. Client was thrilled with the results and proud of the finished product.